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HO3 and Other Aftermarket Screens IOS 12 GM Compatibility Test

Friday, 14 September 2018 12:47:48 PM Australia/Sydney

The iOS 12 GM was finally released after yesterday event. All the enhancements of the official version improve performance on all supported devices, going all the way back to iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

It’s definitely a great news for iPhone users, but for aftermarket industry, the update could be quite unpredictable based partly on the experience of previous years. So, once the iOS  12 GM was released, we made a performance and compatibility test on aftermarket iPhone LCD screens including different brands of CMRs and HO3.

*Notes: In this blog, we take iPhone 7 Plus as the demo model.

For more models test procedures and results, please check the video here.

  • Aftermarket Screen Compatibility Test

Tested Models:  iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus

Tested Quality:  Tianma/CPT/AUO/HO3

Test Report:

Touch Function Test:

3D Touch Test:

ALS  Sensors Function:

Proximity Sensors Function:


We tested other brands on the market and some brands are not compatible with iOS 12 GM. But we should be noted that it won’t affect the daily use.

Both aftermarket parts and iOS 12 GM survived from the test procedures all the qualities feature great performance on all models as expected. And we found no sign of compatibility issues from the test results so far. Have you updated to iOS 12 GM and encountered any compatibility issues? Please contact us.

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Original Quality, Aftermarket Price! 6S Plus HO3 and OEM Screens Comparison

Friday, 18 May 2018 11:05:46 AM Australia/Sydney

HO3 screens are excellent replacement screens for your iPhone with an impressive quality close to original screens but a price only slightly above the aftermarket screens. To show the extraordinary quality of HO3 screen, a series of tests are conducted to comparison the performance of HO3 screen and OEM screen.


Installation Test

HO3 screens are customized to fit iPhone housing. As shown by the test, 6S Plus HO3 screen performs as good as OEM screen when installed into iPhone 6S Plus Housing.


Polarizer Test – Polarizing Film

The polarizer test comparison between 3D In-Cell (HO3) screen and OEM screen indicates

outstanding visibility of HO3 screen. There is no obvious difference between HO3 screen and OEM one in the test.


Polarizer Test – Sunglasses

Polarizer sunglasses test with HO3 LCD suggests extraordinary image performance even when you are wearing sunglasses.


Hydrophobic Effect Comparison

3D In-Cell (HO3) screen has the best hydrophobicity, followed by OEM screen and ordinary China made replacement. The liquid on screens is water.


Display Test – Backlight Test

HO3 LCD has no issues of back light leakage and shadow.

Illumination uniformity: HO3 LCD has no clearly visible shadows, spots or corona.


Display Test – LCD Resolution

HO3 LCD has correct high resolution and has no pixilation.


Display Test – HO3 at different viewing angles

There are no obvious colour changes from different angles. HO3 screen always keeps the same



Display Test – Colour Temperature, Display Colour


Power Consumption Test

HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD is more power-efficient under 2-hour power consumption test.


It can be seen that HO3 screen performs at least as good as OEM screen in our tests. Revolutionary 3D In-Cell technology, selected materials, the optimal IDC solution and the compact structure make the HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD a brilliant alternative for iPhone. For more information about HO3 product contact The Parts Home directly, The Parts Home will continue to develop products that offer the best user experiences.

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A new LCD screen products — HO3 3D In-cell Touch LCD screen has landed Australian LCD screen market. What is HO3 LCD screen?  What surprises will this new technology bring? Let’s  get more understanding about HO3 3D In-cell Touch LCD technology with The Parts Home, the exclusive distributer of HO3 LCD screens in Australia. 


What is HO3 In-cell touch LCD technology?

Normally for LCD screens, touch sensors are made as separate or discrete layers overlay atop the display in a integration LCD screen (These designs are called “discrete” to emphasize the fact that the touch function exists separately as an overlay on the display.). There are two mainstream touch and display integration technologies in the LCD screen market — Out-cell technology ( used for CMR screens), each motion sensor is made as individual layer in a laminated panel stack-up with LCD display, and in-cell technology (used for OEM and Original Apple screens) , touch sensor is directly integrated into LCD liquid crystal and the whole stack-up are composed by just LCD cell and 3D touch sensor layer. However HO3 3D In-cell touch LCD technology combines the liquid crystal, touch sensing elements and 3D touch capacitive sensor into a single layer, as a result, it reduces the panel’s thickness and weight, featuring an excellent display quality, touch response and precision of touch point.


One Revolution, Five Main Benefits

1. Perfect compatibility with Original Housing

The CMR screens are often blamed failing to fit correctly within the housing since they are much thicker than original screens due to the discrete touch sensor layer. For the HO3 screens, the liquid crystal touching sensor and 3D touch capacitive sensor are combined into only 1 layer, makes the LCD screen even thinner than original screens. This revolution contributes to an advanced compact structure. The frame and glass of HO3 screen can be strictly selected and customized by the size and standard of original screens. As a result, HO3 exhibits as perfect installation performance as original screens.


2. Superb Touch Sensitivity

HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD has superb touch performance. The thinner panel makes touch feedback more accurate and ensures outstanding response when the screen is touched by fingers. And the selected raw materials and stringent quality management during production enhance the touch screen’s performance.


3. Outstanding Visibility

Without external sensor layers, HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD provides very good picture quality with high transmittance and low reflectivity. A thinner distance from the backlight to the display surface increases the brightness and colour reproduction of the display.


4. Low Power Consumption

Since the touch sensors and LCD are combined into one single layer, without a shield from a discrete touch sensing film, the reflection and refraction of light have been reduced, makes the LCD display of HO3 screen more penetrating and power-effective. HO3 screens exhibit better power efficiency than CMR and OEM screens.


 5. Advanced IDC Features

HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD requires only one Integrated Driver Controller IC (IDC) to perform display, touch and 3D touch functions simultaneously, enhancing power efficiency, brightness, colour and contrast.



The excellent performance and efficient power consumption make HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD an excellent alternative for original iPhone screens.  For everyone’s interests The Parts Home exclusively launched two HO3 3D In-cell Touch LCD products — HO3 screens for iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus in Australian market. Ordering HO3 screens from our website, and embracing the revolution of new technology. Find more information about HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD on and feel free to contact the Australian exclusive distribution of HO3 products, The Parts Home, for more information about HO3 screens. The Parts Home will continue to release more HO3 products and offer the best user experiences to all customers.


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Apple iPhone 5 Battery Recall Program

Monday, 1 December 2014 10:30:56 PM Australia/Sydney

Apple has issued a recall for some iPhone 5 smartphones with faulty batteries.  If you feel your iPhone 5 has a dodgy battery, click into to find out if your iPhone 5 is one of the lucky, or unlucky.

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