iPhone 12 Pro Max Teardown

To start off, let’s first take a look at the size comparison between the iPhone 12 Pro Max(Right), iPhone 12(Left) and iPhone 11 Pro Max(Middle). When you put these models side by side, it is immediately noticeable that iPhone 12 is biggest in size and because of this, it allows it to have the largest camera sensor in an iPhone yet to achieve their alleged 87% improvement in low-light performance.

From the X-ray blueprint, we can see the 12 Pro Max looks pretty much the same as the rest of the 12 family, except for the MagSafe ring located in the middle of the device. (On a side note, the MagSafe ring doesn’t even fit the 12 mini, which makes the 12 and 12 Pro looks more distinctive under X-ray).

Also, the 12 Pro Max has a L-shaped battery, when compare to the normal rectangle shape in other normal models.


Frist glance of the contains inside the 12 Pro Max.

Next we take a look of one of the most important and talked-about feature of the 12 Pro Max – Camera. The wide camera (bottom left in the group of three) is the source of all the 12 Pro Max chatter. It's reportedly housing a 47% larger sensor, allowing it to gather more light and thus, better photos.

With X-ray vision, we see that the standard wide's sensor is definitely bigger. We can also clearly see the four magnets surrounding it—tell-tale signs of Apple's brand-new sensor-shift image stabilization system.

Following is the 12 Pro Max’s primary (wide-angle) sensor, which is only available on the Pro Max models. Sometimes we're skeptical when a "Pro" feature only makes it into a larger, more expensive model. But there's a decent chance this sensor wouldn't fit in the cramped corner of the smaller iPhone 12 Pro without compromises.

This sensor dwarfs the iPhone 12's. It's 47% larger but with the same 12 MP resolution, so each pixel is larger and captures more light.

Next the loudspeaker and Taptic Engine are removed. The Taptic Engine for the Pro Max is attached to a little black plastic sidecar, the function of the sidecar is not 100% clear, but it is most likely used to help support the display, or maybe it’s an extra battery bumper. Apple’s engineers seem satisfied enough with the battery capacity to give the Taptic Engine and speaker more room to boom. Compared to the mini, these parts are MAXSSIVE.

Now we come to another important part of the 12 Pro Max – Battery. The Max has the winning battery out of all the iPhones 12, not just in power, but in technology. X-ray vision shows that the Max’s battery pack isn’t quite full to the brim, but it's darn close—and the high-tech shape allows it to turn the corner on capacity.

The Max power source weighs in at 14.13 Wh, tipping the scales against the 8.57 Wh mini battery and the 10.78 Wh 12 and 12 pro. 

With the Pro Max's logic board extracted, we're tempted to say it might be even more compact than the one in the iPhone 12 mini (bottom)—but, the mini's integrated SIM reader also leaves it at an unfair disadvantage.

In summary, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is arguable Apple's finest iPhone on offer yet, with some pretty demanding 5G tech with no obvious compromises to other components and functions. Hopefully Apple will make a even stronger comabck in the whole iPhone lineup next year.