TPH Premium Aftermarket Screen

The TPH Premium Aftermarket Screen is available for iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 Plus and undoubtedly it has always been one of the most demanding prodcut by our customers, with the Aftermarket High Quality being the more premium option and the Aftermarket being a more cost-effective alternative.


Components Deconstructed Comparison

In comparison, the Aftermarket High Quality Screen has a few additional features when comparing to the Aftermarket option, this inlcudes the stronger front glass with Nano Coating, the High Gamut Light Bar and the Back Plate. That being said, the Aftermarket Screen also has its merits of being cost-effective and has the same reliability as the Aftermarket High Quality Screen.   


360° Polarized for better viewing & Stronger Front Glass for optimal protection against impacts 


Anti-oil and smooth touch as a result of Electroplated Nano Coating and perfect fit for installation


Display Comparison with original screen