HO3 screens are excellent replacement screens for your iPhone with an impressive quality close to original screens but a price only slightly above the aftermarket screens. To show the extraordinary quality of HO3 screen, a series of tests are conducted to comparison the performance of HO3 screen and OEM screen.


Installation Test

HO3 screens are customized to fit iPhone housing. As shown by the test, 6S Plus HO3 screen performs as good as OEM screen when installed into iPhone 6S Plus Housing.


Polarizer Test – Polarizing Film

The polarizer test comparison between 3D In-Cell (HO3) screen and OEM screen indicates

outstanding visibility of HO3 screen. There is no obvious difference between HO3 screen and OEM one in the test.


Polarizer Test – Sunglasses

Polarizer sunglasses test with HO3 LCD suggests extraordinary image performance even when you are wearing sunglasses.


Hydrophobic Effect Comparison

3D In-Cell (HO3) screen has the best hydrophobicity, followed by OEM screen and ordinary China made replacement. The liquid on screens is water.


Display Test – Backlight Test

HO3 LCD has no issues of back light leakage and shadow.

Illumination uniformity: HO3 LCD has no clearly visible shadows, spots or corona.


Display Test – LCD Resolution

HO3 LCD has correct high resolution and has no pixilation.


Display Test – HO3 at different viewing angles

There are no obvious colour changes from different angles. HO3 screen always keeps the same



Display Test – Colour Temperature, Display Colour


Power Consumption Test

HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD is more power-efficient under 2-hour power consumption test.


It can be seen that HO3 screen performs at least as good as OEM screen in our tests. Revolutionary 3D In-Cell technology, selected materials, the optimal IDC solution and the compact structure make the HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD a brilliant alternative for iPhone. For more information about HO3 product contact The Parts Home directly, The Parts Home will continue to develop products that offer the best user experiences.